High Risk Hospital Birth

Leila made my hospital birth experience absolutely incredible. I struggled with exhaustion throughout and slow dilation but she was there every step of the way to help me transition through stages. She helped keep our family informed and advocated for me with my medical team throughout. She worked so well with the nurses and helped them feel even more included than they usually are allowed to be. Using methods such as massage and guiding me through position changes, despite an epidural, helped my labor progress quickly once the pitocin was introduced. My labor was induced due to my daughters size and my small frame as well as Type 1 Diabetes, and after 40 hours and quite the difficult pregnancy, I knew I made the right choice having Leila there to help everyone around my husband and I relax and welcome our daughter peacefully. Leila is an incredible lactation consultant as well and has always helped me find the ideal position to help my daughter get the most out of my breastmilk. I can’t wait to have her with us again when we are blessed with baby number 2!

Noelain Marquez

leila wyatt