From the Partner

You want to hire a Doula?? I was that guy, that guy who was annoyed at the thought of hiring a Doula. When my wife and I decided to get pregnant, she wanted to have a natural birth, and it was recommended to us to hire a Doula. At first, I was truly annoyed. I was annoyed at the thought of spending more money on an already expensive journey. I was annoyed at the person who put the thought in my wife’s head. I was annoyed at the thought that I, the husband, wasn’t good enough.... Well, now allow me to tell you that I am not sure how anyone has a baby without a Doula, at least one that is as amazing as Leila. I would pay double what we payed Leila. Leila provided an invaluable service, not only to the moms, but for us dads too.

If you’re on the fence, if you’re reading this recommendation and trying to decide, stop now, and hire her immediately! If for some reason this recommendation doesn’t convince you, call me directly at 352-455-7053 and I’ll tell you all the reasons why you want a Doula, and why that Doula should be Leila Wyatt! I could write an endless essay about this, and I have not one single negative thing to say, and I certainly don’t have any regrets.

Chuck Ashworth

leila wyatt