Fast and Ready

Where do I begin?! Well, first and foremost, if you haven’t hired her to be your doula/apart of your support team then you NEED to ASAP!
My husband was skeptical about what a doula was & did but, agreed to meet with her to hear what she had to offer in person after I sent him tons of information & a former clients review who literally stated word for word my husbands thoughts.
We hired Leila when we were around 28 weeks pregnant. She checked on us weekly, sent weekly encouragement sayings/pictures & educational information.
During our first prenatal visit which she comes to your house (amazing), it felt as if we have known her for quite some time due to her inviting personality & mannerism. We learned a vast amount of information during this visit in addition to talking about how we picture our ideal birth. She left us with homework to do in which we completed & I feel doing those truly helped us when it was laboring time.
When it was labor time, I was in denial that I was actually having contractions. My husband insisted that I text Leila in which I did for his peace of mind & ohhh boy I’m glad I did because I truly was. My labor progressed very rapidly for being a first time mom which is uncommon however, when Leila got to our home there was a sense of relief for both myself & husband knowing she was present & was going to help walk us through this wonderful experience we were about to endeavor.
After my water broke spontaneously in our living room, Leila spoke to us in a calm manner saying it’s go time to head to our birthing center. Once we arrived, she assisted with following our birth plan as we expressed. Our little bundle of joy was welcomed into the world via water birth which is exactly what I wanted.
I know I could have given birth naturally as the woman’s body is meant to give birth although, I’m not sure if my laboring process would have been as enjoyable, peaceful, calm and as memorable if we didn’t have Leila.
Even immediately post birth & once you are home Leila is there to provide assistance, education & overall support.
I highly highly encourage & recommend any individual who is pregnant to hire Leila!
To prove my testimony of how great Leila is, my husband said within the hour of having our little one he was so glad we hired her. I have even caught my husband raving about her & encouraging others (who aren’t even pregnant) to hire her immediately.
We are more than grateful for having Leila and when it’s time for the next little one (although not for a few years) she will be one of the first ones we call.

leila wyatt