Family Centered

Our family was truly blessed to have Leila come into our lives and be there for us during the birth of our beautiful baby Bella🙏🏻❤️When Leila came into our lives I was already in my third trimester and I was scared to death it was just me and my husband are two-year-olds on Romeo and our four-year-old daughter Danika with no family whatsoever to help I was crying every day because I was afraid the hospital we were going to deliver Our baby at wouldn’t allow my children there, so I was afraid I was going to be in the delivery room in a sterile hospital with nobody by my side because my husband was going to have to take care of our other children. On Top of that I had been having really bad experiences with my OB/GYN throughout my pregnancy that was making me very uncomfortable. By the grace of God and the will of the universe we happen to find Leila and she completely changed our lives!!!! From the moment we met her her infectious energy and kindness was a comfort she sat down with our family listen to everything we have been through and our fears as well as our hopes and dreams of how we wish our labor and delivery could go. She even teamed up with another Doula so that we would have a sibling Doula for our other children as well as having Leila‘s constant loving supportive self by our side during the birth of our beautiful Bella. She put us in touch with Heart To Heart Birth Center who excepted me as a late transfer, I had always dreamed of having a natural birth without being pushed to stay in a bed or be on IV or have Pitocin to induce me AND MOST OF ALL TO HAVE MY HUSBAND AND CHILDREN THERE BY MY SIDE. We never would have found the amazing birth center if it hadn’t been for her!!!! Leila definitely help me to focus my energy to push out our beautiful 10 lbs baby girl!!! Afterwords she was there to help make our family comfortable she ran and grab Chick-fil-A for everybody. She was a saint to our family. She has already came by for one postpartum visit and plans to come back again!!!! There are no words to express how grateful my husband and I are to her for everything she’s done 🙏🏻 I think that any family would benefit from having Leila as a Doula if they were welcoming a new member because she is just the best❤️

leila wyatt