From the support

Hi, my name is Annette and Leila helped with the birth of my grandson. She helped my daughter, through her anxiety, labor pains and some of her most uncomfortable moments of giving birth. She was there from morning til night and saw her through to the very end.

Even though she helped guide us on how to help make my daughter feel more comfortable, she was there applying those techniques right there beside us.

I'm one of those people that say "I can handle this on my own!" But at times, things will arise, that you do not have the answer to or the experience in. My daughter's labor went a bit off track, and this is where we were extremely greatful to have Leila there! My daughter had to have a c-section and was unable to breast feed her newborn son. As she laid there at 1am, unable to care for her child, Leila stepped in and helped the 2 of them to connect. I for one, never breast fed, so I had no experience in this field. If it wasn't for Leila, this would never of happened.

So to those who suffer from anxiety, or a newbie mother who might need the extra help, or a father needing the extra support, a Doula is something you should truly consider!

Thank you again Leila, for your knowledge and all of your support!! xoxo


leila wyatt