Peaceful Birth center

I cannot say enough positive things about Leila. Every time we get together or chat, I learn more and feel more confident and equipped as I embark on this journey of motherhood. I hired Leila around week 25 of pregnancy and never second guessed it.  I saw her weekly for prenatal yoga, which the way she runs her class allowed me to tune into my body’s needs as well as provided space for me to find mental balance and fortitude during such times of transition. Leila was easy to communicate with, and answered any questions or concerns I had around pregnancy, labor, postpartum, or motherhood, from a place free of judgement, providing resources, options, and clarity. Most of the time, Leila provided me with information, but encouraged me to look within - to follow my intuition. In preparation for labor, we discussed every moment; not in a way of planning, as labor is unpredictable, but a way of guiding. She encouraged me to create my own birth mantras, and to draw out my ideal birth. These were extremely helpful practices for me in feeling prepared. During labor, Leila arrived at my house immediately and provided guidance and reassurance to me and my husband and my mom. She especially helped my husband understand ways he could support me best. She provided us all peace of mind, knowing that what I was experiencing was not only normal, but good, productive labor to bring my baby out safely and naturally. I labored primarily at home, and Leila called the shot at the perfect time when it was time to head to the birth center. We arrived safely, and about an hour later I had my baby in the water, just as I had wanted. I know my body and mind are capable, and that I could have had a natural birth without the support of Leila - after all, our bodies are created to do this. However, I fully believe that my experience was more enjoyable, more peaceful, and more powerful because of the love and care she put into supporting us. Finally, Leila has been there for me and continues to be here throughout the first few weeks of postpartum. She provides support with breastfeeding and has encouraged me to courageously own my time of healing from labor and bonding with my baby. I intend to continue to attend Leila’s yoga classes in the future, and I will refer any pregnant woman I come across to her. Please do not hesitate to reach out to me or my husband personally if you have any questions from either of our perspective, regarding Leila, natural birth, or our experience with a birthing center.

leila wyatt