Doulove our care!


$850 (Price increase in 2020. Book now for your birth and save)

Devotion Doula care is by donation. This means you pay what you can for your services. Many clients choose the standard rate. However, we believe that every woman deserves a Doula and nothing should stand in the way. Contact us today to talk about your desires!

  • 2 or 3 -4 hour prenatal meeting in your home or preferred meeting place to discuss your

    • Birth preferences

    • Comfort measures and positions

    • Childbirth Education

    • Physical and emotional preparation

    • Spinning babies and Prenatal Yoga

  • 1- OB/Midwife appointment to meet your birth team and introduce myself (if possible and desired)

  • Continuous birth support from onset of active labor through successful latch (if breastfeeding) and stable

  • 1 to 2 -3 hour Postpartum meetings within 2-5 and 10-14 days to assist with breastfeeding, baby wearing, meals, and light housework

  • 1 birthing ball

  • 1 custom made cloth birth tool (rebozo or similar)

  • Custom newborn onesie and great samples

  • Unlimited access to local Prenatal YOGA

  • Unlimited access to evidence based resources, video library, and book rental

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